Platinvm Floral Sakura

Every year, when the purest snows begin to melt, in Japan a unique phenomenon occurs: the flowering of the cherry trees. The magic of this moment is embodied in the sparkling Platinvm Sakura (“cherry blossom” in Japanese). It is a delicate and very aromatic vinous cocktail, with a bright pink color and an intense floral perfume. Penetrates in mouth like a breeze and its fine bubbles help it to be palatable in all its nuances.

The soul of the cherry tree in bloom

Platinvm Sakura was born from the fusion of a selected Chardonnay with natural extracts of cherry blossom. It should be cold (6º to 8ºC) or with ice, and is ideal for aperitif time, at meals or afterwork. It goes well with all kinds of light dishes such as seafood, fish, salads or Asian specialties, or accompanying creamy desserts and tarts with cream base and yogurt. Available in elegant 75cl glass bottle. / 8% vol.

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