More than Fragrances

TAVASA’s Platinvm range also includes a wide variety of premium distillates with gold and silver powder.
These distillates, an icon of elegance and distinction, shine uniquely under the light.

London Dry Gin Platinvm Gold 24K

It is the only gin distilled in England following the traditional London Dry Gin method, with 24-carat gold dust.

Pure Polish Vodka Platinvm

Luxury Polish vodka with silver, made from the highest quality rye and following centuries-old traditions. With a soft and revitalizing personality.

London Dry Gin Platinvm

An exceptional premium gin which combines the flavor of one of the best distillates in the world with the strength and the brilliance of the silver flakes.

Brandy Platinvm Gold

A great seducer with excellent flavor and bouquet. It offers an exquisite joy for its characteristic taste and elegance.

Vodka&Caviar Platinvm

Luxury Polish vodka with silver flakes in suspension, offering a unique and dangerous combination of flavors, suitable for the most exquisite palates.

Blended Malt Scotch Platinvm Gold

An elegant distillate, firm and balanced, fruit of a careful selection of the best Scottish malts.

Dominican Rum Platinvm Gold

A mild subtle broth, unmistakably Dominican and very palatable. Shines like no other thanks to the powder of gold it holds inside.

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