Platinvm Fragrance Yuzu & Ginger

If you like to live the summer with all its flavor, Fragrance Platinvm Yuzu & Ginger is your drink! On the beach, around the pool or in the garden, this fresh and original wine cocktail will make you enjoy every moment!

Magic to the last drop Fragrance Platinvm Yuzu & Ginger is an elegant and cosmopolitan drink. It is made with the best Chardonnay and with natural extracts of “Japanese lemon” and ginger. Its sparkling freshness and exotic flavor make it the essence of summer.

Yuzu & Ginger

Celebrate the flavors of summer. Fragrance Platinvm Summer Edition gives a fresh and original touch to any summer dish with rice, like traditional paellas. It is also delicious with seafood, grilled fish and all kinds of salads and light meals.

Fragrance Platinvm Yuzu & ginger is the natural companion of Japanese specialties such as sushi, sashimi, tataki and other delicacies of Asian cuisine in general. A gift for the most cosmopolitan palates!

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