Platinvm Fragrance “The Original”

Fragrance Platinvm “The Original” is an exquisite and very original wine cocktail, which was the origin of the famous collection of sparkling Platinvm, made with a Chardonnay selected with natural extracts of fruits and flowers. Its intense floral perfume and sparkling bubbles conquer the palate. As for its pearly waves, they offer a unique visual experience that makes it the protagonist of any celebration.

The union of wine and art

The unique qualities of Fragrance Platinvm “The Original” make it the perfect drink to accompany pasta or rice dishes. It is also delicious served with seafood, fish and white meats, or at the end of the meal as an accompaniment to cheeses or sweets. It must be cold (from 6º to 8ºC). To awaken your magic, shake the bottle gently before serving! Available in elegant 75cl glass bottle. / 8% vol.

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