General Conditions

1. The conditions are applicable to shipments contracted in default of pacts or the specific conditions derived from the singularity of each product or service.

2. The contractual data on the nature of the merchandise, name and address of the consignee and sender, are provided by the latter under his responsibility not verified by the transport agency, except for the serious risk in the order of the authority.

3. The goods are provided from Monday to Friday, shipments in which the complementary services are contracted Delivery on Saturday and / or Saturday Pickup. In the temporary count excluding holidays in the destination town and the Saturday corresponding to Holy Week.

DELAY IN DELIVERY: In case of non-fulfillment of the contractually agreed delivery deadline according to the contracted service, the indemnity to be paid will consist of the return of the freights provided by the customer. Failure to comply with the deadline for delivery is caused by absence or change of address of the unknown recipient, recipient or address, non-payment of freight, supplies or refunds, closure for vacations, late delivery on second delivery attempt, force majeure Or fortuitous case or others not attributable to the transport agency. Excluded from this guarantee are goods sent “to be collected” at the address or warehouses of the transport agency at destination. Likewise, it is exempt from liability in cases of breach of delivery deadline on shipments to the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla for reasons beyond the control of the transport agency (delays of airlines, shipping, freight, loading and / or unloading …) .